I know we aren’t supposed to anthropomorphize animals. And amphibians should be even harder to link to human emotions and feelings. But it can be done.

I recently found another pond close to home. It’s amazing how many wetland areas are here, an area renowned for being dry. This pond had lily pads and bullrushes all along the shore line. And it was a lovely sunny morning to be exploring.

And here, I found a shy creature, one I love to find. In fact more than one. I captured three in different places.

And all of them were very contented. No other term captures their’ look’. I hope you agree.

DSC_7003turtle lilypad 1-16

DSC_7006turtle lilypad 1-16

DSC_6967turtle lilypad 1-16

DSC_6959turtle lilypad 1-16



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  1. Beautiful turtles! (They, turtles by the way, are not amphibians.)


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